The Association of Post Secondary Education and Training American Farm School (best known as Perrotis College) comprises an integral part of the American Farm School educational system. The institute is located in Thessaloniki and offers B.Sc. (Hons) degrees in Food Science and Technology, International Business and in Environmental Systems Management. English is the official language of instruction. In addition, Perrotis College operates the Department of Continuing Education and Extension Services, capturing experiential adult education programs in 27 thematic areas of the agrofood sector, addressed to approximately 700 individuals each year; the Center for Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship for new product and sustainable business development; the Olive Center for applied research in olive, oil production and industrial by-products; and the Europe Direct Dissemination Information Center of the European Commission to help rural communities at national, or international level make the most of their human and natural resources in the agrofood sector, the environment, rural tourism, culture, agribusiness, information technology and training of trainers.

The overall practical role of the institute in agricultural education, applied research and extension is met through the operation of a 145 hectare demonstration farm, which considers “the living laboratory”. Students of all programs undertake training in agricultural production, agribusiness and natural resource management. Boutique products are produced through the new product pilot plants some of which indicatively are: Ω3 eggs, pasteurized milk and dairy products, turkey meat, pasta, wine, cut flowers, and vegetables, which have created over the years a sustainable niche market in Thessaloniki and Athens regions.
Last but not least, the institute sponsors Student International Internship Program (SIIP) that applies to work and cultural experience projects for College-aged youth from all over the world.

Some selective transnational activities accomplished by the institute in southeastern Europe refer to Albania (1992, the AVATAR project funded by the TEMPUS Office, the PHARE Institution Building Program and the Employment Social Service in Greece, resulted in the production of new national secondary school and university curricula in agriculture, their implementation in Pilot Schools established by the program in the towns of Korca and Berat, the creation of a new university department for agricultural education in Tirana and the training of the teachers and staff of the new educational institutions. A similar effort was undertaken in 1993 for Bulgarian officials and educators of the agricultural sector). Currently, the institute initiated a number of funded rural development projects in Greece, Balkan countries (Kosovo and Bulgaria) and south eastern Africa (Mozambique).
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