ARIS operates in the fields of vocational training, research and consultancy. Aris is an agency set up by Legacoop Umbria Association (regional branch of the Italian organisation of cooperative movement Legacoop) in 1987 to support the whole cooperative regional movement operating in different sectors: tourism, social services, community work included youth work, social inclusion, consumers,buildings, housing, agriculture, logistics multi-services and facility management, etc.. Furthermore, through the “Scuola Nazionale Servizi”, of wich is member, Aris assure training and research on several sectors, also at national level. In this framework it’s the LdV ToI project Highlight the Competences - HtC, leaded by Aris, first experience in Europe of an ECVET process really activated for a specific professional qualification (Site Supervisor in the Cleaning Services), starting from the first MoU ECVET signed in Europe.

Before the ECVET framework, Aris has already defined and applied, together with the Umbria Region, an experimental system for the recognition of competences, included those acquired in non formal and informal way, within two main projects: the plan for the requalification of "Cooperazione Sociale" in Umbria (620 workers involved in the period 1999-2004), and the three-year regional plan for the qualification of health professionals (1069 workers in the periodo 2001-2006). Aris chaired, by Enrico Libera, the Regional Commission in charge for the certification.

Starting form these experiences and from the ECVET pilot HtC, Aris transferred, improved
and applied innovative approaches and tools for transparency within LdV ToI “Plastigreen”, “ProFMcompetence2011”, “CNC-Eucam”, “European Nature System”, “MAS ECVET”, "AgroECVET", "Interpreting our European Heritage", "Health Tourism", and Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for youth “Certified Coaches in Youth Initiatives”, funded in 2014 by the Italian Erasmus+ national agency ANG, as well as Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET "AgroECVET 2.0", funded in 2015 by the Maltese Erasmus+ national agency . The HtC model has been transferred and used also within projects without the participation of Aris, in constructions sector (LdV DoI “Certified Safety Trainers”, focused on ECVET, and LdV DoI “CertEnt”, on ECVET integrated with ECTS for entrepreuneurial learning outcomes and qualification), and in Facility Management sector (LdV ToI "In the Middle").
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