The output O9 is a document reporting on the whole endorsement and application/testing processes within concerned National and Regional Qualification Frameworks of involved countries (this is, the process of supporting, adoption and integration in the respective VET systems), of the updated and new European common professional (established by the revised MoU ECVET ENS) and training standards (VET curricula and courses design) for the qualifications in nature-based tourism sector "Nature- and Rural Tourism Guide", "Rural and Agro-Tourism Accommodation Manager", to ensure that the learning outcomes and the qualification acquired participating to them are fully officially recognised and certified within and across all participating country.
The output contains a sustainability analysis on the state of completion of the endorsement and application/testing processes realised by the strategic partnership, based on evaluation questionnaires and interviews to all key actors involved in these processes (regulatory institutions competent in VET and tourism, tourism enterprises -particularly SMEs-, sectoral social and associative parties and VET providers, and trainers and trainees participating to the courses).

The product is in English, while two synthetic progressive versions for dissemination will be translated in all the languages of the partnership (cfr., O11 : Info-packs 9 and 10, in English, Macedonian, Italian, Greek and German).
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