The output O8 is a model to be utilised, in each participating country by the VET providers supplying the courses, at the aim of the awarding to the professionals in the field of nature-based tourism and to the people on the labour market participating to the VET courses for the European common qualifications "Nature- and Rural Tourism Guide", "Rural and Agro-Tourism Accommodation Manager", updated and newly established by the revised MoU ECVET ENS, of the ECVET credits related to the verified learning outcomes, in compliance with the revised MoU ECVET ENS and with the Learning Agreements ECVET signed before the beginning of the courses.
The model includes Europass Certificate Supplement.

The European common model for the ECVET Credits Awarding for the concerned qualifications updated and newly established by the revised MoU ECVET ENS, is defined integrating the Europass Supplement Certificate model provided by Cedefop (, starting from the ECVET Credits Awarding model already defined within the ENS project, and updating it.

The product is in English, while a synthetic version for dissemination will be translated in all the languages of the partnership (cfr., O11 in English, Macedonian, Italian,Greek and German).
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