Considering that the classical education and training are slowly, but for sure, substituted by on-line learning delivered via e-learning platforms, and taking in consideration that we want to include more participants in this project, that we can't reach physically, we have developed an interactive web platform that is part of the blended learning and powerful tool for further dissemination of the project and its IOs.

The platform is articulated in 3 virtual areas:

- a partnership restricted area, for project management, open only to partners;
- a working area open also to stakeholders directly involved in the project activities (potential and involved learners, VET providers offering learning opportunities in nature-based tourism professional field, enterprises operating in nature-based tourism sector, particularly SMEs, their representative organisations and the sectoral trade unions, and public institutions having regulatory competence on VET and tourism, at national, regional and local level), also for hosting the open educational resources and virtual laboratories/workplaces adapted to labour market needs, specific for nature-based tourism sector, created within VET courses design and organisation activities;
- a public area open to all interested people across Europe.

The web platform "ECVET4Nature-BasedTourismQualification" constitutes a real laboratory inside and outside the partnership (as well as window of the work unwound and fundamental technical support to the further developments of the project).

The e-learning section of the platform can be accessed through the link:
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