The output 11 is a targeted written material (document folder), in English, Macedonian, Italian, Greek and German, focusing on the intellectual outputs O1- O9 and on related activities, to be diffused to all the key actors involved in the project activities at national, regional and local level (particularly, regulatory institutions competent in VET and tourism, tourism enterprises -particularly SMEs-, sectoral social and associative parties and VET providers, and trainers and trainees participating to the courses, etc.), particularly to those attending to the multiplier events foreseen by the project in each participating country and in direct connection with the progressive production of mentioned outputs.

The output 11 is articulated in 10 partial information packages (Info-packs), focused on intellectual output O1-O9 and on related activities (for the IO9 are foreseen 2 IP: IP 9 and IP 10).
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