The output O3 is a document containing the update (accordingly to labour market needs considered when defining the revised shared European common perimeter of qualification at the aim of the revision of the MoU ECVET ENS: cfr. activity O1),  of the design of the European common competence standards (professional standards) already established by the MoU ECVET ENS for learning outcomes and qualifications in the professional field  of nature-based tourism.

The update is characterised by the knowledge/skills/competences approach based on learning outcomes established by the EQF, and already used within ENS. More in particular, this document contains the update of the design of the competence standards already established by the MoU ECVET ENS (for the the Nature- and Rural Tourism Guide, and the Rural and Agro-Tourism Accommodation Manager qualifications), and the design of other new competence standards accordingly to labour market needs, described in terms of activities and tasks, knowledge, skills and competences, learning outcomes units and units parts, and related ECVET credits. Starting from common updated qualification perimeter previously defined by the partners, the updated design of the European common competence standards - which constitutes the core of the revision of the MoU ECVET ENS to be formalised and applied till the getting of the concerned qualifications within the project - focuses on standard competence elements common to all participating countries, and on subsidiary elements specific for each country, taking into account the perspective of the endorsement of the MoU within the concerned National and Regional Qualification Frameworks in each participating countries. The document also includes the definition of specific ECVET quality standards allowing the issuing of an ECVET quality label to the qualification in participating countries at national/regional level (not foreseen by the ENS project).

The product is in English, while a synthetic version for dissemination will be translated in all the languages of the partnership (cfr., O11 : Info-pack 3, in English, Macedonian, Italian, Greek and German).
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