The action plan for the ECVET process to be supported in the professional field of nature-based tourism for the implementation, widening and full application across European participating countries of the MoU ECVET ENS (accordingly to labour market needs considered when defining the updated shared European common perimeter of qualification at the aim of the revision of the MoU: cfr. O1), it contains :

a report on the research, analysis, and adaptation on experiences and good practices already realised on transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications, and on ECVET activation and implementation, both in concerned sector and in the other EU VET sectoral contexts; the planning for the implementation and widening of the MoU ECVET ENS in each country participating to the strategic partnership, defining strategies, activities and tools to be implemented by the partners to support the ECVET process.

This plan, defined on the basis of best practices collection and analysis, focuses on the involvement in this process, in each Country, of regulatory institutions competent in VET and tourism, interested sectoral social and associative parties and VET providers, and also SMEs, of nature-based tourism sector, and on methods to design qualifications in units of learning outcomes with allocation of ECVET credits points.

The product is in English, while a synthetic version for dissemination will be translated in all the languages of the partnership (cfr., O11 : Info-pack 2, in English, Macedonian, Italian, Greek and German).
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