1st Multiplier Event in Skopje

The 1st Multiplier Event took place on 18th January at 11.30 in “Public Room” Skopje.

Balkania’s representatives: Vlado Srbinovski, Leonida Penka Basha Rizaova and Mateja Srbinovska, have presented the project and its goals, completed activities and results accomplished during the past year and have presented the Memorandum of Understanding.

Mr.Ljupcho Toshev, representative of the project partner Fondacija Agro Centar za Edukacija FACE, has presented the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).
The multiplier event has been attended by representatives from: Ministry of Education and Science, PI Adult Education Center- Skopje, Centre for Vocational Education and Training, Bureau for Development of Education, Open Civic University for adult education "Koco Racin" – Skopje, Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics (Goce Delchev University - Stip), Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics – Gevgelija, Agency for promotion and support of tourism in Republic of Macedonia, Center for regional development – Tetovo, representatives of the travel sector and representatives of the NGO sector working in tourism and representative of the Mountaineering Sport Federation of Macedonia.

The Erasmus+ project ECVET ENS 2.0 has been presented to the attendees and has been explained that is focusing on transparency and recognition of the competences and qualifications of the professionals working in nature-based and rural tourism sector, by implementing the European tools and frameworks - European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). 
The event has initiated very useful discussions and sharing of opinions and legal provisions by the representatives of the institutions and the stakeholders, that will be of great benefit for successful implementation of the remaining project activities. 
The following project activity is update of the Memorandum of understanding and its signature during the next transnational project partners meeting on 20th March in Vienna, Austria.